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Valcamonica, surfing over the Naquane Great Rock (virtual tour)

With its 104 engraved rocks the National Rock Art Park of Naquane is the main archaeological site of Valcamonica (Lombardy, Italy) and one of the most important European rock art sites.

It had been created in 1955 by the Archaeological Superintendence of Lombardy (Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities), which currently manages it, under a project of its director Mario Mirabella Roberti.

Over its spectacular sandstone surfaces, a 240 million-year-old clay turned into stone during the geological ages and shaped by the glaciers, more than ten thousand figures are scattered, arranged along rocky tables or waves and sometimes hidden by lichens and patinas.

The best known rock is the n. 1, called the Great Rock for its size; more than two thousands figures have been engraved over its surface; it is not easy to see them all, even less to remember them.

The most ancient figures, very few, date back to the recent phases of the Neolithic, six thousand years ago. The great majority of the others were engraved during the end of the Bronze Age and above all (over 80%) throughout the Iron Age, during the 1st millennium BC.

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Deer hunting scenes, acrobatic riders, sword duels, women with hands up, wooden barns, ducks, geese and chickens, the mysterious palettes ...

And more, weaving scenes – unique in European rock art – and a duel connected to a labyrinth, probable representation of the Lusus Troiae, an initiation ritual game tied to the Theseus myth, already testified from the end of the VII century B.C. and then in the Republican Rome.

This page is like a virtual gateway: by opening the door and entering the virtual tour (once inside, move the mouse and rotate the wheel!)  you can plunge yourself into the discovery of the Great Rock, enjoy the panorama, fly over the engraved surface and enlarge it until you can recognize even the smallest details, highlighted by the best grazing winter light.

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A close-up discovery of the main Valcamonica engraved rock,
at the Naquane National Park (Capo di Ponte, BS - I)
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Rock Drawings in Valcamonica
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