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EuroPreArt - European Prehistoric Art
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Allinge, Madsebakke
Denmark, Bornholm, Allinge, Madsebakke

Keywords: Bronze Age, Rock Art, Carving, Open air, Ship figure, Wheel-cross, Foot print, Cup marks.
Description: Madsebakke, Allinge, Bornholm. The major rock carving locality in Bornholm with a total number of more than 20 figures. On a small panel, separated from the main carving, is a simple rock carving ship with extended prows turned upwards, and with the keel-line extended and turned upwards. There are no crew-lines but the area between the gunwale and keel are separated by a number of strokes. There are 8 cup marks over the ship. About 7 m SW is the main panel at Madsebakke. There are a number of ship figures, of which some with short crew-lines. One ship has a small animal in the stem, probably a horse from whose neck a line is attached to a circle figure above the centre of the ship. Between two of the ship figures is a wheel cross, 28 cm diameter surrounded by cup marks and with 4 cup marks between the spokes. There are another 3 weathered ship figures, of which one has a high prow with an animal-head decoration, another prow ends with a loop. Many of the ships are double-lined with vertical frame-strokes in the hull. There are a number of cup marks distributed over the panel, some clearly connected with the carved figures. There are also ship figures which are single-lined, with a twist or loop at the end of the extended prow. Three foot prints are totally carved out, and there are a number of fragmentary prints at the top of the panel. Along the E side of the panel there are a larger number of cup marks, and another group are found at the SW part of the rock, towards the top.
Figures: 10 ship figures 7 foot prints 1wheel cross 2 curved lines Large number of cup marks


Nørre, Blåholt
Denmark, Bornholm, Nørre, Blåholt, Olsker

Keywords: Bronze Age, Rock Art, carving, open air, ship figures, wheel-crosses, human figure.
Description: The engraved area is 1.36 x 1.85 m and the total number of figures are 18. There are 2 wheel-crosses, one circular design, 6 cup-marks only one or two millimetres deep. The ship figures are all of the Bornholm type, double-lined with extended prows turned up- and inwards. There are vertical lines in the hulls. The largest ship is 82 cm long, with a bowed, obscure figure with a cup-mark, interpreted as a human figure by Glob in 1969. On one of the middle-size ships there are a human figure standing on the deck, probably holding a lur.
Figures: 8 ship figures 2 wheel crosses 6 cup marks 1 circular design 1 obscure figure


Nørre, Storløkkebakke
Denmark, Bornholm, Nørre, Allinge Byjord, Olsker

Keywords: Bronze Age, Rock Art, Carving, Open air, Ship figures, Wheel-crosses, Human figure.
Description: Storløkkebakke, Allinge, Bornholm. The site is situated on a hill top overlooking the sea and the surrounding plains of N Bornholm. There are a couple of panels and the rock is flat and smooth. On one panel there are 5 figures and a number of cup marks. One ship figure situated in the middle, are double-lined with extended, turned up- and inwards stem and stern. The keel is extended in one end and turned downwards in the other, perhaps a steering-oar. The ship has 11 crew-strokes, but is very weathered so some might have disappeared. In front of this ship there is another one, fragmentary with 4 crew-strokes and with no visible keel-line. Below these two ships are another two, 1 larger and one small, sailing to the E. The larger ship has extended prow, turned inwards, the keel-line extended and turned upwards in the stem, and a short line in the stern, turned downwards. There are 5 crew-lines in the fore of the ship. The smaller ship is of the same type, but strongly weathered. On a panel NW of the main panel at Storløkkebakke, there is another panel, very weathered but with 2 parallel lines which could be the last traces of a double-lined ship figure.
Figures: 4 ship figures 1 foot print Cup marks


Vester, Lilla Strandbygård I
Denmark, Bornholm, Vester, Lille Strandbygård I, Nylars

Keywords: Bronze Age, Rock-art, engraving, cup marks, wheel crosses, open air.
Description: Rock surface with a total number of 59 engraved figures. There are 50 very distinct cup marks, and 9 wheel-crosses of different size. The larger wheel-crosses are very distinct, but the smaller are quite hard to discover, they can only be identified in darkness when holding a torch in an oblique angle or at sun-set, when the light comes in from the side. In a line over the middle part of the rock surface there are three big wheel crosses, where the eastern one has a double ring and two horn-like protuberations ending in cup marks. One of those are ending abruptly far away from the wheel-cross because of exfoliation. Two of the other wheels also have horn-like protuberations. Other wheel-crosses, a couple of half-bows and c. 50 cup-marks where four are forming a cross-like figure are surrounding the three larger wheel-crosses.
Figures: 9 wheel crosses 50 cup marks


Vester, Sorthat strand
Denmark, Bornholm, Vester, Sorthat strand, Nyker

Keywords: Bronze Age, Rock art, Engraving, Cup marks, Wheel cross, Open air, Elongated hollows, Horse, Beach.
Description: Sorthat strand (beach). The carving are distributed out over a very porous sandstone rock, c. 4 x 1.5 m. At the S part of the rock there are a number of carvings. One wheel cross with a superimposed ship figure, a vague wheel cross, a possible hand design, a circle, hook-like figures, and cup marks. The N part consists of distinct elongated hollows and cup marks.
Figures: Wheel cross Ship figure Hand design Circle design Hook-like figures Cup marks Elongated hollows


Østerlars, Lensbjerg klint
Denmark, Bornholm, Østerlars, Lehnsbjerg klint, Lensgård

Keywords: Bronze Age, rock art, carving, open air, ship figures, cup marks, ridge.
Description: The engravings are made on a flat rock surface, divided by natural cracks in the rock, creating separate fields. There are 6 ship figures of Bornholm type, with two lined hulls with stem and prow turned elegantly up- and inwards. The gunwale-line also extends upwards. The gunwale- line of two of the ships ends with a dot, and one of those has got two cup marks in the hull. The hulls are divided by three to seven vertical lines. There are no crew-lines. The cup marks are distributed over the surface, forming groups with a varied number of figures.
Figures: 6 ship figures + 50 cup marks


Alconchel, Rock LXXXVI "La Antena"
España, Extremadura, Guadiana River (Alconchel), Alconchel

Keywords: Guadiana river, Rock-art, Carvings, Open-air, Incision, indeterminated
Description: Engravings in this rock is carried out in incision technique. There is a group of hundreds of little lines, inclined and parelells to each other that cover the panel all over and among them one figure can be issolated. It is a Branched motif composed by a long axial line that support other perpendicular ones as well branched 9cm max long. 3 cm maz wide.
Figures: Graphited lines



Keywords: Tarragona, shelter, paintings, naturalism, neolithic, Levantine rock art
Description: Arquero disparando a derecha , 41 cm. máximo , ROJO OSCURO
Figures: 1 antropomorfo



Keywords: Tarragona, shelter, paintings, schematism, neolithic, Levantine rock art
Description: Puntuación circular , 7 cm. diámetro , ROJO; Figura indeterminada , 14,5 cm. vertical , ROJO TENUE; Figura rectangular , 7 cm. horizontal , ROJO TENUE; Antropomorfo , 16,5 cm. vertical , ROJO TENUE; Figura indeterminada , 20 x 20 cm. imprecisos , ROJO TENUE; Figura antropomorfa , 24 cm. vertical impreciso , ROJO TENUE; Figura antropomorfa , 18 vertical impreciso , ROJO TENUE; Trazos difusos , 12 cm. impreciso , ROJO BERMELLON; Antropomorfo , 12,5 cm. vertical , ROJO TENUE; Posible antropomorfo , 19 cm. vertical , ROJO TENUE; Posible antropomorfo , 16 cm. vertical impreciso , ROJO VINOSO TENUE; Oquedad semisférica , 55 mm. diámetro , OQUEDAD DE LA ROCA; Trío de pequeños trazos lineales , de 3 a 4 cm longitud , ROJO
Figures: 6 antropomorfos, 1 objeto, 2 signos, 8 indeterminados



Keywords: Tarragona, shelter, paintings, naturalism, neolithic, Levantine rock art
Description: Cabra a izquierda , 14 cm. (morro-rabo) , ROJO OSCURO; Cabra a izquierda , 15 cm. (morro-parte post.) , ROJO VINOSO OSCURO; Cabra marchando a izquierda , 15 cm. (morro-rabo) , ROJO VINOSO OSCURO; Mancha difusa , 8 cm. horizontal , ROJO BERMELLON; Rebaño de cabras a izquierda , 99 cm. longitud , ROJO VARIOS TONOS; Cabra marchando a izquierda , 11,5 cm. (morro-rabo) , ROJO VINOSO OSCURO; Conjunto de las siete primeras cabras , 63,5 cm. de longitud , ROJO VARIOS TONOS; Cabra a izquierda , 12,5 cm. horiz. impreciso , ROJO VINOSO OSCURO; Cabra a izquierda , 14 cm. horizontal impreciso , ROJO OSCURO; Restos de cabra marchando a izquierda , 8,5 cm. (morro-parte post.) , ROJO OSCURO; Pequeño cuadrúpedo a izquierda , 8,5 cm. (cabeza-rabo) , ROJO BERMELLON; Pareja de trazos residuales , 1 cm. longitud , ROJO OSCURO; Restos posible cabra a izquierda , 7 cm. entre restos , ROJO OSCURO
Figures: 9 cápridos, 2 indeterminados

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