Portugal map Europe Image Map Europe Image Map Coa river area and Douro river area Tejo and Ocreza rivers area Alentejo, Algarve Beiras, Ribatejo Minho, Tras-os-Montes
Portugal Image Map
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Instituto Politécnico de Tomar - Portugal CUEBC - European University Centre for Cultural Heritage, Ravello - Italy CSIC - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid - Spain Orme dell'Uomo - Footsteps of Man, Valcamonica - Italy Asociación Cultural Colectivo Barbaón, Extremadura -Spain Liège University - Belgium Gotland University - Sweden University College Dublin - Ireland CeSMAP - Centro Studi e Museo d'Arte Preistorica. Pinerolo, Italy Arqueo Jovem - Portugal