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The CeSMAP, Centro Studi e Museo díArte Preistorica, Municipal Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology of Pinerolo, Italy, was established in 1964, to continue the archaeological studies in the Western Alps and in the Pinerolo territory, that was undertaken ever since 1800 by scholars of the Turin Royal Academy of Science. The general directives was given by the eminent Italian archaeologist Piero Barocelli, Director of the National Prehistoric Museum of Rome, by Carlo Carducci, Archaeological Superintendent of the Piedmont Region and by Diego De Castro, Professor of the Turin University. Research lead by the CeSMAP has considered two different fields; the prehistoric spiritual sphere throughout the millennia, as expressed in rock art, and the evolution of pre-and proto-historic material culture in the climatic and environmental context of the Western Alps.

The necessity to open the field of study to an European dimension, was realised by a series of international mission carried out in the principal districts of rock art in Europe and around the world. In the 1988, in Darwin, Australia, the CeSMAP was between the founders of the IFRAO, International Federation of Rock Art Organisations, that is the most important world forum for Rock Art and Cognitive Archaeology.

CeSMAP has been decorated with the EU European Culture Award 1991.

In the September 1995 the CeSMAP was the organiser of the NEWS95, IFRAO International Rock Art Congress, which took place in Turin, first in Europe, at the prestigious Valentino Royal Castle, under the patronage of the Italian Republic President; during the Congress was formally signed a Declaration, called "Charta Etica of Rock Art" to be known to all national governments and international organisations with the intent of preserving, aiding the preservation, and of laying down universal ethical standards to be acknowledged and applied for Rock Art World Heritage.

During the last forty years, CeSMAP, the Study Centre and Museum of Prehistoric Art, has played a primary role in archaeological research and prehistoric excavations, in permanent collaboration with Universities and Superintendences. CeSMAPís international activities have made it possible to create at Pinerolo one of the most representative collections of rock art, and to maintain important co-operation with foreign institutions, in particular the General Direction of UNESCO in Paris.

The CeSMAP Director, Professor Dario Seglie, is the IFRAO-UNESCO Liaison Officer, the President of the IFRAO Permanent Commission of Education and Ethics, the chair of Rock Art Symposium at the UISPP, teacher of Archaeological Museology in the post-graduate Course of the Polytechnic of Turin.

CeSMAP produces SURVEY, an annual international journal on rock art and cognitive archaeology, sent to many countries (600 exchanges); its contents are listed by the UNESCO-ICOM Documentation Centre.

CeSMAP promotes congress, exhibitions on Rock Art, didactic, educational and museum activities. CeSMAP is involved in international projects and activities.

The CeSMAP take part in the EuroPreArt Project with the conviction that this constitute an important body of cooperative work and an example of the possibility of attaining results of high scientific quality.


  • CeSMAP - Centro Studi e Museo d'Arte Preistorica
    Museo Civico di Archeologia e Antropologia
    Viale Giolitti, 1
    I-10064 Pinerolo, Italy
    Tel. +39 0121794382 - Fax. +39 012175547
    E-mail: CeSMAP@cesmap.it
    Web Page: www.cesmap.it

The team

  • Director: Dario Seglie
  • Museum Conservator: Roberto Seglie
  • Secretary: Massimo Raffo
  • Webmaster: Andrea Benedetto
  • Assistants: Franca Bertazzi, Angela Falcone
CesSMAP, Pinerolo - Italy

NEWS 95 Congress, Turin
NEWS '95 International Rock Art Congress, Turin

Survey - Bolletitno del Centro Studi e Museo d'Arte Preistorica di Pinerolo
Survey bulletin

Mostra Arte Rupestre nelle Alpi Occidentali
Western Alps rock art exhibition

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